Show Order Status

Elevate your customer service game with our cutting-edge chatbot feature: Instant Order Status Display! Keep your customers in the loop effortlessly. With this feature, empower your customers to effortlessly track their orders, ensuring a seamless shopping experience every time. Boost customer satisfaction and streamline operations with ease.

Show Order Creation Date

Boost customer satisfaction with our latest feature: Order Creation Date Display. Keep it simple yet effective. Your customers can now effortlessly check when their orders were created, enhancing their shopping experience without any hassle. Simplify operations and keep your customers happy with this straightforward addition to your e-commerce platform.Show

Show Order Refunds

Introducing Order Refund Display: offering transparency and ease in managing refunds. Keep your customers informed and satisfied with clear access to refund details. Enhance your e-commerce experience effortlessly.

List All Payment Gateways

Explore our Payment Gateways feature: Effortlessly list all payment options for seamless transactions. Simplify the checkout process, increase customer satisfaction and elevate the shopping experience.

List All Shipping Zones

Introducing our Shipping Zones feature: Present all available shipping zones to your customers. Simplify shipping options, enhance clarity, and streamline their shopping experience. Upgrade your platform now for smoother transactions and happier customers.

Add a Marketing Message

With our marketing message feature, you can present a marketing message to your customers according to your own preference. This can be a campaign message or information about a product.

Session Quantity

Access the number of customers who use customer service during the day. This will give you an idea of how many people you serve per day.

Show Order Items

Order Items Display feature: Showcase purchased items seamlessly. Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline order management. Upgrade your platform now for a superior shopping experience!

Show Shipping Address

Shipping Address Display feature: Easily view shipping details for smoother transactions. Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline shipping processes. Upgrade your platform now for a seamless shopping experience!

Show Billing Address

Invoice Address Display feature: Make a distinction between billing and shipping addresses effortlessly. Enhance customer satisfaction with clearer communication.

Specify Customer Service Contact

Customer Service Contact Properties feature: Provide clear and accessible contact information for enhanced support. Increase customer satisfaction and facilitate assistance. Choose us for better communication.

Specify Customer Service Contact

 Customer Service Email Specification feature: Provide a dedicated email address for seamless support. Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline communication.

Specify Free Shipping Threshold

Set the Free Shipping Threshold feature: Set a clear threshold for free shipping. Clear up customer confusion, increase satisfaction and boost sales.

Display Messages Quantity

Message Quantity Display feature: Clearly see the number of messages for better organization. Learn about your customers with your customized dashboard. See how many people you contacted and how long those messages lasted.

Display Successful Operation Quantity

Successful Operation Quantity Display feature: Easily track your successful operations for better service. Stay informed about customer interactions with a customized dashboard. Enjoy tracking your efforts to resolve customer issues and their impact.

Show Product Stock

Meet our Product Stock Display feature: Inform customers about product availability. So you and your customers are not victimized. Improve the shopping experience and take service to the next level.

Update Shipping Address

Shipping Address Update feature: If your customers want to change their address after placing an order, they can easily do it themselves. They just need to enter the necessary information. With this feature, both your time and their time will not be wasted.

Update Billing Addres

Update Billing Address feature: Enable customers to effortlessly modify billing details post-order. Simplify address adjustments for smoother transactions. Save time for both you and your customers with this convenient feature.

Update Order Note

Update Order Note feature: Allow customers to easily edit order notes for personalized communication. Enhance customer satisfaction and streamline order management. Simplify the process for seamless transactions and improved customer experience.

Marketing of the product

Product Marketing feature: This feature generates ideas based on customer demand and markets the product to the customer on demand. This is an idea generated entirely by AI through dialog. Upgrade your marketing strategy and grow your business with us.

Specify the Shipping Company

Shipping Company Specification feature: Specify preferred shipping providers for transparent delivery. Enhance customer trust and streamline shipping processes. Choose reliability and efficiency for seamless transactions.

Specify the Return Policy

Return Policy Specification feature: Clearly outline return policies for customer transparency. Enhance trust and streamline return processes. Choose clarity and satisfaction for seamless transactions.

Specify the Warranty  Conditions

Warranty Terms Specification feature: Provide your customers with warranty conditions. Increase trust and streamline warranty processes. Choose convenience and satisfaction for smooth transactions.

Specify Shipment Date

Specify Shipment Date feature: Specify expected shipment dates for your customer. Simplify shipment processes. Thus, provide better quality service to your customers.

Specify the Refund Deposit Date

Set Refund Deposit Date feature: Define the expected refund deposit date to build trust with your customers. Streamline refund processes and improve service quality.

Display Chat Content

Chat Content Display feature: Easily access chat conversations for better customer support. Find out what your customers need from you by seeing the content of the messages. Improve service quality and streamline communication.

Display Successful Operation Chat Content

Successful Operation Chat Content Display feature: Review successful operation chat content as you wish. Be aware of which questions and requests are easily resolved. Meet the demands of your customers with the satisfaction of answers and the outstanding work of Aion Assists.

Message Backups Screen

Message Backups Screen feature: Access message backups for seamless data management. Enhance security and streamline communication. Choose reliability and efficiency for peace of mind.

Session/chat Summarization

Session/Chat Summarization feature: Automatically summarize chat sessions for efficient review. Easily gain insight into what your customers want.

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